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Baking Grace

Nanette Botha – owner and founder of Baking Grace

Cupcake tower


Nanette and Baking Grace

I am Nanette Botha, owner and founder of Baking Grace. Baking has been the grace that carried me through difficult times in my life and I love gracing others with unique baked goods that are made with love. 


Innovation is my talent, so I try to create cupcakes different from anything others are making. I add new flavors to my list regularly by experimenting and trying new things. I specialize in cupcakes, quiche and muffins. 

Baking Grace specialized and gourmet cupcakes

Something different for every taste. Order a minimum 6 per  flavour.  
R150 per dozen.

Fancy cupcake six


Milktart- vanilla muffin filled with homemade milktart, topped with a brown sugar, butter and cinnamon crunch.

Fancy cupcake four

Red Velvet

Red velvet cupcake filled with caramel cream cheese icing and topped with white chocolate.


Chocolate cupcake filled with caramel and topped with milk chocolate

Chai Tea

Spiced chai cupcake topped with cinnamon cream cheese icing

Toffee Apple

Vanilla cupcake filled with a baby apple and topped with caramel sauce

Cupcake clipart 9

Sweetie Pie

Dark chocolate muffin topped wih homemade marshmallow and dipped in milk chocolate

Cupcake clipart 7


Rooibostea and white chocolate

Cupcake clipart 5

Top Deck

Vanilla cupcake with a chocolate crunch filled with a block of top deck chocolate

Cupcake clipart 3


Coffee cupcake filled with caramel

Cupcake clipart 1

Cookies & Cream

Vanilla cupcake filled with an oreo and topped with creamy dreamy icing and oreo crumbs

Cupcake clipart 4

Victoria Sponge

Sponge cake filled with strawberry jam and topped with buttercream icing

Victoria sponge cupcakes
Baking Grace Cupcakes
Baking Grace Cupcakes Tower
Baking Grace Cupcakes Mixed
Baking Grace Cupcakes galore

Baking Grace homestyle baked quiche

A wide range baked with fresh ingredients.
Real butter is used to make a crispy pastry filled with fresh ingredients and a secret creamy  filling.
R100 per dozen

Clipart Quiche

Caramelized onion, feta cheese and thyme

Sweet brown onion, caramelized to perfection together with feta cheese and fresh thyme

Bacon and cheddar

Crispy fried bacon and grated cheddar cheese

Spinach and feta

Garden spinach combined with white feta cheese

Bacon, sundried tomato, basil and feta cheese

Crispy fried bacon, slices of sundried tomatoes, fresh basil and feta cheese

Biltong and cheddar

Biltong slices and cheddar cheese with some added coriander

Biltong and peppadew

Biltong slices with uniquely South African pickled peppadew

Butternut and blue cheese

Oven roasted butternut chunks with soft and creamy blue cheese

Special requests

Here are some of my special requests. I can bake any of these or a bake of your choice.

I supply special quotes for these orders. 

Carrot and pear cake

Rooibos and thyme cake

White coffee and pecan cake

Condensed milk banana bread

Maltabella  bread

Chocolate eclairs

Orange and dark chocolate scones

Milo malva pudding

Chai tea cupcakes

Our New Chai Cupcakes Are Ready!

The edible version of a luxurious chai tea lattè. Vanilla cupcakes infused with chai spices, topped with a creamy cinnamon cream cheese filling.


per dozen

Heart cupcakes Baking Grace
Baking Grace Cake lemon
Baking Grace Pie
Baking Grace Fudge
Baking Grace Cake
Baking Grace Bread


Baking Grace

Grace and Blessings

Grace and Blessings

I have won several cooking and baking competitions through the years that contribute to my experience. I was one of Leisure Books’ Top Ten Home Cooks in 2011, won a Stork Bake competition with my carrot, ginger and thyme cake. I was also one of the top ten finalists in the Sunday times Gautrain cooking competition in 2018.


Get in touch

Order via WhatsApp at least a week in advance or send me a inbox message on my Facebook Messenger page. I only take a certain amount of orders, so order early to avoid disappointment.

Connect with Nanette

Where to find Baking Grace

I live in Ermelo. Deliveries are done free of charge or pick-up can be organized. I currently only deliver in Ermelo.

1 Petrus 4:10  Making distribution among one another of whatever has been given to you, like true servants of the unmeasured grace of God.

Baking Grace

Appreciate your support.

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
byKriekie on

Dis die lekkerste gebak ooit.

byCrizelle on

Ongelooflikste kolwyntjies ooit!!
Heerlik, vars en so smaakvol!
Nanette jy is die beste!

byLareine van Rooyen on

Love❤Love❤Love❤.....all made with lots of love.
Melts in your mouth. DELICIOUS!

byClaudette Kruger on

Soos Dai melktert kolwyntjies dit was 'n blessing die eerste keer toe Ek dit geproe het

byIsa Roodt on

Nanette bak uit haar hart en met elke happie wat jy vat proe jy die liefde wat sy daarin sit!

byNatasha Kruger Venter on

Her baked goods are AWESOME! She uses only high quality ingredients, so the end result always leaves you wanting more!

byAnne-Marie Ferreira on

Nanette's baked goodies are awesome! It's unique, fresh and very tasty! The only problem is, is that you can't stop eating once you've started!!

byRene van der Walt on

Dankie dat jy altyd alles met soveel passie doen mens proe die liefde waarmee dit gedoen word

byKaren Drotsky on

Worth every bite